eracWhen painting, I am guided by improvisation. What usually starts as something non-representational, becomes a study of my own emotions. My watercolors are informed by the movement of the water and the female form. 


ERAC (E-RACK) – is an abstract watercolor artist who utilizes vivid color and fluid geometry to create suggestive works of art. A born native of Philadelphia, PA and a graduate of the prestigious Girard College, ERAC earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Massachusetts in 2000 where he was graduated as a National Dean’s List honoree. In 2001 ERAC founded PBM, INC. as his first entrepreneurial venture. Marketing his fortified skill set and invigorating artistry, ERAC successfully designed branding logos, websites and media packages for music and entertainment companies in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC.

​In 2012 ERAC relocated to Los Angeles to further pursue creative opportunities. His artwork has recently been featured on VH1’s “RnB Divas LA”. A year later, his work was featured in SNAX Magazine, an artist collaborative magazine.
​ERAC employs a process of watercolor painting and digital media printing to create living canvases. He anticipates experimenting with textile printing to incorporate into his future art making. “The lively patterns I see and create will translate very well as interior textiles, – invigorating and making lovely their environment”.